Flagship Consulting


Forward. Thinking.

At Peppercomm, problem solving is in our DNA. We have always sought out professionals who think differently, experts who act confidently, and smart innovators who approach problems in nontraditional ways. Whether applying the tenets of business strategy, customer service, digital/social media, or stand-up comedy, our wide-ranging team of specialized thinkers skillfully combines the deep category expertise to talk turkey along with an outside perspective flavored by a wealth of backgrounds – financial editors, professional comedians, former New York Times journalists, MIT academics, and more. Individually, we find their unique viewpoints brilliant. Collectively, their earned expertise combines to inform and color decisions in ways that would otherwise be impossible. They bring unexpected insights tailored to the realities of our clients, and always focused on the lives and perspectives of the audiences our clients ultimately seek to reach.

What does this mean for our clients? It means that, no matter the category, no matter the problem, we are able to mix and match to find the right blend of fresh air and tenured intellect – people who love to look at existing problems in new ways, eschew old rules in favor of innovation, and skillfully leverage learnings from one category in order to revolutionize another. It means we power through problems by bringing to bear the combined force of smart, nontraditional, collaborative, what’s-next collective thinking.

For years, we termed this our Business Intelligence Group. Now, we’re evolving it as PepperThink. No matter what we call it, the truth is this: we set out to define this approach – but, in reality, it is this approach that truly defines us.