Flagship Consulting


Proven experts at doing
what we do.

Our expertise stems from developing a thorough understanding of the environment in which our clients operate, where they fit in those environments, and where there are opportunities to lead. We begin by examining their world from the perspectives of the audiences a client seeks to reach: understanding where those audiences are, what their perceptions are, and how this matches with the way our clients perceive and communicate about themselves. Armed with that in-depth understanding, we pair the best and brightest Peppercomm team to each unique client account. These teams are headed by enthusiastic, involved senior management, and include established communications experts and nontraditional thinkers from other backgrounds – digital, financial, comedy, customer service – layering relevant category experience with bold, fresh perspectives and expertise.

Whether it’s technology, financial services, professional services, consumer products, or clean tech, this ability to turn old problems over in fresh and new ways allows us to reach audiences and create powerful relationships in…well, basically any category to which we set our minds. Our expertise is in listening before talking, in working for one another rather than alongside one another, in choosing the right strategy over the traditional strategy, in expanding our team with experts outside of traditional communications, and in measuring our success by the success of our clients. This expertise has worked for clients from Whirlpool to Cengage Learning to The American Institute of Architects – and if they’re happy, then that works for us, too.