Corey Law

Account Executive

I’m an account executive at Peppercomm, working mainly with financial services clients like Wilmington Trust, M&T Bank and Raymond James. I also have deep experience in the consumer sector, having worked with clients like Sharp, Japan Airlines and Steelcase. I’m also a member of the writing team and the intern committee.

I began my Peppercomm career as an intern. I also worked as a digital marketing specialist and content strategist at red7agency in Charleston, SC.

Originally from South Carolina, I had to make slight adjustments to my winter wardrobe once moving to New York. I’m a graduate of the College of Charleston where I was a member of a select group of top communication students known as The Martin Scholars – named and guided by my mentor Tom Martin. I graduated with honors and was awarded the South Carolina Cable Television Scholarship which is given to a top communication + media student in the state, and was recognized as a School of Humanities and Social Sciences Scholar and the 2017 Department of Communication Outstanding Student of Service Award.

A sense of humor to me means:

You’re a good listener. Humor is useless if it can’t be shared – so it’s got to start with empathy.