Pepper5: Trends in Analytics

Data here, data everywhere.

Having trouble keeping pace with the ever-changing world of analytics? We know, it’s overwhelming. So we had our data geeks analyze the stats and identify five new emerging analytic trends. From smarter AI to creative data, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: It’s all the rage, but as far as analyzing social sentiment goes, AI fans have been less than enthusiastic. Now, Talkwalker just launched new sentiment analysis technology that can understand complete thoughts; no more picking up individual keywords that could easily be taken out of context. It’s constantly learning, and can even detect sarcasm and irony. You know, no big whoop.
  2. LinkedIn Website Demographics: Up until now, LinkedIn’s API has been kept under strict lock and key—an analyst’s worst nightmare. But with its new Website Demographics tool, we can see precisely how LinkedIn drives traffic to outside sites. This means the doors to optimizing activity on the leading jobs site have been blown wide open. Plus, I get to sleep a little easier.
  3. Analytics Through Economics: Consumers are not always excited by the same messages that brands expect them to be—that’s not exactly earth-shattering news. Maybe what’s needed is a simple change in perspective. By looking at analytics through an economic lens, we can bring consumers and brands together with the right message, at the right time, through the right channel.
  4. Creativity + Data: Public relations analytics can be extremely repetitive—too often the same platforms, the same numbers, and the same dashboards produce feeble insights. But all it takes is a little creative thinking to give the whole data analytics process a much needed kick in its numbers-stuffed rear.
  5. Transparency: The march towards greater data transparency is a boon for us data-voracious analytics geeks. Earlier this year, former Microsoft CEO and easily excitable Clippers fan Steve Ballmer funded The free website brings together a literal panoply of government data, from finance to crime to demographics, in one easy-to-search package.


This month’s Pepper5 trends were provided by Jason Baik, Senior Manager, Research and Insights. 



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