A Time of Change: How CCOs and CMOs are Handling a New Presidential Administration

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This paper is sponsored by the Institute for Public Relations and Peppercomm.

This paper is an analysis based on in-depth interviews with 22 senior communications and marketing executives in large companies about what they are doing differently with the new presidential administration. This is not a political piece advocating for any position; rather, this is a paper focused on what interviewees reported.

The initial purpose of this project was to interview leading communications and marketing executives about the emerging challenges and opportunities they experience in today’s hyperkinetic business world. However, in nearly every interview, participants spoke about President Donald Trump and the uncertainty of the new presidential administration.

Because of the number of interviewees who cited President Trump and the extent to which they discussed him and his policies, we decided to focus on a report solely devoted to how the new administration is having an impact on their function, organized by key themes that emerged from the interviews. Included is also an outline of a plan confidentially shared by one CCO. A subsequent report will cover the spectrum of other opportunities and obstacles today’s Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Communications Officers (CCOs) currently face.

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