How to Reduce Stress Before an Event: Tips from Event Planners

Appearing on GEVME, February 27, 2018, by Kateryna Yaroshenko

According to Career Cast, event planner ranks #5 on the list of the most stressful careers. If you’re in the events industry, you probably know how a tight budget, difficult clients, and the fear of a flop on the big day make you sleep-deprived and chewing antacids for days before the event.

Honestly, we don’t think that’s legal. To find out how to help combat the stress of pre-event day, we’ve asked the top 5 event planners to share their own recipes for success. Here’s the question we asked:

It’s a day before the event. What personal techniques for dealing with stress do you employ?

Maggie O’Neill, Peppercomm

The day prior to an event I like to do two things. First is a checklist. I walk through the entire event (either virtually or physically) as if I was the consumer, customer, attendee. What elements would I interact with; what questions might I have; what would make it a better event for me? Then I do the same exercise from the perspective of the brand/my client. It is good to put yourself in both of their shoes to experience the event. The second thing I do – which may be the most important – is talk to my team (and myself) to remind us that we are moving into the phase of our work where we cannot control everything. We need to trust in what we have planned and have the peace of mind to manage through what will happen regardless.

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