Laughter can save your life. No kidding.

Grown-ups can seriously be a dull bunch. We get so bogged down with work and “adulting” that we really lose our sense of humor. I take a look at my kids – four under the age of 10 – yucking it up and running around the house like little hooligans and I think to myself, “Man, they really got life all figured out.”

It’s high time all of us in the business world – and really all adults, no matter what your trade – learned one perpetual truth… laughing matters. No, really, it can save your life. Scientific American published a study a few years ago showing that laughing actually lowers mortality rates – by 48% among women (men apparently lost their sense of humor more over the years). For this and many more reasons, Peppercomm has launched what we believe is the defining podcast of our time – aptly titled, Laughing Matters.

We’re going to explore how people of all walks of life – from business to journalism to academia – are actually using humor and the tenets of comedy to take the edge off. Further to that, we’ll look at some of the advantages of applying humor to their organizations as a whole. Does the company thrive on keeping things lighthearted? Is it part of the culture, passed down from the upper echelons of management?

Laughing Matters is going to pack in a diverse cast of guest stars who will expound on all of the above. Our first guest is renown journalist and former Deputy Chief of the U.S. Department of Justice Michael Zeldin, who has been a guest analyst with CNN, CNBC and several other outlets. He regaled us with stories of how he kept the levity in some of the most serious legal trials in recent memory (remember OJ outrunning the LAPD in his white Ford Bronco?) and even told some seriously hilarious lawyer jokes. You can expect more of the same with our upcoming episodes.

If that’s not reason enough to tune in to Laughing Matters, consider this golden line from the acclaimed book, Humor, Seriously by Stanford Graduate School of Business’ Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas: “Having a sense of humor – both the ability to generate humor and to appreciate it – has repeatedly been found to correlate with measures of intelligence.” So, in effect, Laughing Matters could play a role in raising your IQ. True or not, there’s only one way to find out…