Peppercomm Bestows Royal Titles on Four Staffers

New York, August 28, 2012 – Peppercomm today announced that four staff members have had royal titles bestowed on them. The four are:

  • Edward Moed, co-founder and managing partner who, henceforth, will be known as Duke Edward of Moed. Duke Edward will now be addressed as “Your Grace” by staff, clients and vendors alike.
  • Clayton Fletcher, chief comedy officer who, henceforth, will be known as Sir Clayton of Fletcher and Master in Lunacy (note: the latter is an actual Royal title and bestowed on those peers of the realm who helped improve the lives of mentally-challenged subjects (i.e. Boy George, Benny Hill, etc.).
  • Heather Rosenthal, a member of Peppercom’s Brand Squared licensing division who, henceforth, will carry the title of Dame Heather Rosenthal.
  • Alana Schnee, another member of Peppercom’s Brand Squared licensing division who, henceforth, will be known as Baroness Schnee and addressed as “The Right Honourable Baroness Schnee.”

Steve Cody, Peppercom’s co-founder and managing partner, listed the firm’s reasons for going royal:

  • “We wanted to capitalize on the remaining buzz created by the London Summer games and the whole Pippa frenzy.”
  • “We’ve always marched to a different beat, so why not become the first U.S. firm to bestow royal titles?”
  • “It’s a neat excuse to market our Comedy Experience service offering which is generating more interest than guessing whether Charles or William will succeed QEII.”

National Comedy in Business Day

Cody said the firm has also declared August 31st as National Comedy in Business Day. “The general public celebrates April Fool’s Day as a national day of mirth and merriment. We believe business executives need their own day and have selected the final day of August. It’s the Yin to April 1st’s Yang, if you like.” Cody explained that countless studies exist proving the bottom-line importance of comedy in business. “Clients in every type of industry see comedy as a distinctive, new strategic advantage to improve team-building and morale, tear down silos and help differentiate the company from its competitive set,” he said. He then added, “Oh, yeah, um, hear ye!”

Experience Comedy Experience

Peppercom’s royalty will join other staff members, clients and prospects for a night devoted specifically to demonstrating the effectiveness of comedy in business on Thursday, September 13th. “We’ll train four business executives the morning of the event and then have them perform in front of a live audience that same night,” said Cody. “We recently did just that in London and impressed peers of the realm and commoner alike. This service offering is different and bold.

Sir Clayton of Fletcher and I have been ‘field testing’ it for many years, and we’ve perfected its nuances through extensive trial by fire. (We are excited to be the only firm that has dedicated so many a fortnight learning about how to apply comedy skills and business, and we are ready to share what we know with all our royal subjects!” A distracted Cody then added, “Shouldn’t one of you be blowing a bugle now or something?”


About Peppercom

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