Peppercomm’s proprietary service that helps brands solve for their biggest challenge today - when to speak out on societal crises and when to keep quiet. We use a data-driven approach to take the guesswork out of when and how an organization should communicate about controversial topics.

Nike, Levi Strauss, Ford. Across the country, brands are speaking out on societal issues that impact their core values and their business. Nike took a stand on social justice in the NFL national anthem controversy. Levi Strauss spoke out on gun violence. Ford highlighted how tariffs affect their operations.

These brands were prepared to address societal crises affecting their brand. Is yours?

Two-thirds of CCOs/CMOs say they aren’t ready, according to a recent Peppercomm study featuring interviews with more than 50 communications and marketing executives.

How would you decide whether or not to take a stand on an issue that will have major business consequences?

While your C-Suite may feel remaining quiet is the smartest strategic move in the midst of a crisis, you risk alienating your employee base. Sixty percent of employees expect their employer to take a stand on important issues affecting our country and constitutional rights, according to a 2018 Glassdoor survey.

Companies that do speak out can differentiate themselves among their competitors. Here’s what Intuit Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer Rob Lanesey told us in a recent Q&A:

“We do not want to do something just because others are. Our principles remind us of that and keep us focused on the outcome we want to achieve first, then choosing the method of influence that best helps us to achieve that outcome second.”

StandSmart helps executives see around corners

The pressures are intense on today’s CEO and CCO to anticipate and decide how to address societal crises from a vast array of sources. To help leaders and their boards of directors make and execute on those decisions, Peppercomm is introducing a timely new service: StandSmart.

StandSmart delivers on Peppercomm’s mission to empower clients with rich and timely data that leads to insights that inform strategy. The new service features an early warning system, StandSmart Advance, that uses predictive analytics based on a proprietary algorithm. This removes the guesswork about the potential impact of a societal crisis on a company.

Peppercomm data combined with human expertise and insight empowers communications executives to operate with an unprecedented level of confidence, giving them valuable time to act in advance of a problem. StandSmart makes it clear if, when, how, where and why an organization should communicate. This enables CCOs, CMOs, general counsels and risk officers to prepare the CEO and board for preemptory actions or responses.

Your corporate purpose should guide how you StandSmart

Any response (or non-response) must be based on your company’s core values and “corporate purpose”— the larger “why” a company exists beyond generating revenue. Because adhering to corporate purpose is critical for successfully managing a societal crisis, we have partnered with brand and culture experts BrandFoundations to reinforce StandSmart‘s ability to help companies articulate and activate their purpose in a crisis.

Contact Peppercomm now for help preparing for that inevitable call from your CEO who needs to tell the board whether – and how — the organization should stand on a fast-breaking societal issue.

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