Taking a Stand: The Changing Role of CCOs & CMOs

Taking A Stand: How CMOs And CCOs Are Redefining Their Roles In Today’s Highly Charged Social, Cultural And Political Climate

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This paper is sponsored by the Institute for Public Relations and Peppercomm.

This is the third study released by Peppercomm and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR). The first study in 2017, looked at how Chief Communications Officers (CCOs) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are operating in an era of uncertainty, polarization and false news with the new presidential administration. This 2018 follow-up study is an analysis based on in-depth interviews with 25 senior communications and marketing executives in large companies about how their roles and responsibilities are shifting in light of the current social, cultural and political landscape.

What we found is while companies are more comfortable with uncertainty, they also are spending more time addressing social topics that may or may not be related to their core business, guided by their organizational principles and values. This is not a political piece advocating for any position; rather, this is a paper focused on what the interviewees reported.