Where PR and EQ Collide: Walking the line between spin and substance

With the increased emphasis on corporate transparency, PR, advertising and the media (social and otherwise) are working overtime to bring us more and more details about what their clients are doing. That’s fine for them but how does the public separate the substance from the buzz, the reality from the hype, the truth from the spin? And how do companies who act from core values of full disclosure and giving back separate themselves from those who only give the appearance of doing so? As leaders we often face similar issues like sharing information from the top down. Rumors fly fast and loose via email or the break room and the crux of matters often gets misplaced. How can you control your own information hub so your people get the same message with the same intent to stem the tide of false or exaggerated data?

In the latest installment of “Leading with Emotional Intelligence,” Esther Orioli interviews Ann Barlow from Peppercomm about how the spotlight can turn companies around.



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