Election Insights for Today’s Communicator


While every presidential election cycle impacts the public greatly, the one this year has put every American on an emotional rollercoaster the likes few have ever seen.

The perfect storm brought on by political vitriol, a continuing pandemic, economic angst, and an historic racial reckoning has facilitated a constant state of crisis that is impacting our daily lives. This includes our emotional mindset, which plays a huge role in stakeholder behavior and employee engagement.

Technology is allowing brands to better understand, gauge, and act upon key stakeholders’ constantly fluctuating sentiments. Insights that were once unattainable are now directly available through tools such as Peppercomm’s new analytics dashboard, Mindset AI.

The intelligence is there, but how can communicators best use it to bolster their efforts on the myriad fronts they touch? This webcast, presented by Peppercomm and featuring top industry leaders, provides that guidance and inspiration. And it does so with proprietary insights gleaned from both the 2016 and 2020 election cycles.

Among the topics covered will be:

•Identifying what stakeholders need to hear and recognizing where and when they will be receptive to it
•Pivoting your external and internal messaging in real time
•Comparing and evaluating the emotional spikes from both election cycles and their impact on stakeholder behavior
•Staying politically neutral as you manage internal comms and productivity
•And much more