Giggling toward a greener futureĀ 

Giggling toward a greener futureĀ 

Imagine a world where the forecast is always a chuckle with a chance of belly laughs, even when the topic is as stormy as climate change. That’s the vision of a unique group of jesters who’ve swapped their court for a cohort, the Climate Comedy Cohort, to be precise. They’re on a mission to tickle your funny bone and plant a seed of change, all while keeping the climate conversation light-hearted. Picture this: A writers’ room where the punchlines are powered by solar panels and the setups are wind-turbine sharp. Half the room is filled with comedians, masters of the one-liner, while the other half are climate change experts, the guardians of Gaia. Together, they’re brainstorming the next big eco-friendly zinger that’ll have you laughing all the way to the recycling bin and wondering if laughter really might be the best renewable resource we have.

Donā€™t worry about it

At W+W, itā€™s usually positive vibes only. But sometimes we just have to point out when brands get poked in a funny way to highlight a problem. Take it as a warning of what not to do. Case in point: Saturday Night Live: The Fast Fashion Edition, where the laughs are cheaper than the clothes! In this recent skit, we’ve got Jake Gyllenhaal and the SNL crew strutting their stuff in the latest disposable chic, brought to you by the fine folks at [CENSORED]. Srsly though, check out this gold video where the models are all smiles, flaunting their trendy threads against a backdrop as bland as the ethical considerations of their production. The voiceover is as reassuring as a polyester blend on a hot day, promising “no forced labor,” “paid workers,” and “minimal lead” ā€“ because who doesn’t love a side of heavy metal with their haute couture? amazing

E.l.f. Beauty is shaking up the corporate world with a witty call to action: “So Many Dicks.” We could tiptoe around it, but just go ahead and check it out for yourselves. This bold campaign is spotlighting the stark contrast in U.S. boardroom diversity, where men with just three names ā€“ Richard, Rick or Dick ā€“ are almost as common as coffee breaks. With 566 of them lounging in their leather chairs, they’re outnumbering the total number of Black, Asian, and Hispanic women board members. But E.l.f. isn’t just pointing fingers; they’re painting a picture of possibility. And they’re not just talking the talk; they’re walking the walk right through Wall Street’s digital screens.


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