Lessons Earned: Steve Cody Article in PRNews

This is an excerpt from Peppercomm CEO Steve Cody’s article in PRNews. For the full story, please click here

If I had a dollar for every business mistake I’ve committed, I’d be sitting atop the Forbes 400 list. Alas, based upon my multiple failures, I’m lucky to be standing at all.

But, as is the case with most of us (and especially those of us who proudly call ourselves entrepreneurs), failure is a necessary part of success. Failing (both fast and slow) has taught me countless lessons and, more important, how to best avoid future missteps.

So, let’s hop in a specially designed time machine and revisit the mother of all my business mistakes.

The year was 2005, and Peppercomm was growing again. We had successfully repositioned ourselves in the aftermath of the dot-com implosion and created a number of new service offerings following 9/11, when many clients believed it was no longer appropriate to engage in any form of marketing…