Let’s make humor a habit

Let’s make humor a habit
Paul Osincup, the laughter-inducing keynote speaker, former student affairs professional, and author of “The Humor Habit,” is on a mission to prove that humor isn’t just for the funny bone—it’s a leadership tool, a wellness booster, and a skill that can be honed sharper than the punchline of a joke. He dives into the brainy side of comedy with insights on the neuroscience of humor. With strategies that are more ‘ha-ha’ than ‘eww,’ Paul promises to tickle your funny cortex without stepping on toes in his latest podcast episode.

Buckle up for some chuckles!
Life’s journey might just be a long stretch of asphalt for most. But for Jenni Ruiz, a Bronx-born marketing maestro at Transfix, a logistics tech provider, it’s a road filled with laughter and the occasional pothole of comedy. On our latest episode of the Laughing Matters Podcast, Jenni gears up to share why a sense of humor isn’t just an added bonus in the logistics biz — it’s the fuel that keeps everything moving. She’ll take you on a detour through her first career pitstop, emphasizing the freedom of being your authentic self at work. Jenni’s tales also include a literal stumble in her career path that taught her to keep her eyes on the road…of life.

We’ll do anything for free guac
Gone are the days when celebrity status was reserved for the few. Today a well-timed TikTok dance or a clever Instagram post can crown you the king or queen of the internet. Chipotle, seizing on this trend, is extending its coveted Celebrity Card to the digital realm, where anyone with a knack for viral content can join the ranks of the burrito royalty.

Until July 3, Chipotle’s kingdom of guac and chips invites commoners to ascend to nobility by showcasing their creative flair. Be it through a heartwarming haiku about their love for tacos or a dramatic reenactment of their last Chipotle run, applicants have a chance to prove their worthiness of the Celebrity Card. So, sharpen your wit, polish your camera lens and may the best content creator win the favor of the Chipotle court!

June, it’s been real fun. Perhaps our fave moment of the month was National Cheese Day (6/4), when we stuffed our face at Murray’s Cheese Bar in Long Island City. Ah, what a gouda time.