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AI-Driven Audience Insights Sentiment, Purpose & Stakeholder Capitalism

The seemingly never-ending crises of 2020 have sown chaos and confusion around the globe, and given rise to, and focus on, stakeholder capitalism. In such tumultuous times, brands have unsurprisingly found themselves confounded by what to say, when to say it, to whom and where, without adding to the anxiety or stirring up issues amidst their stakeholder’s day to day. Whether employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and/or society at large, brands must emphasize their purpose to meet these needs and effectively communicate amidst the varied mindsets.

Though large corporations may have access to extensive market research (usually delivered six months too late) to keep track of stakeholders needs, most of America’s small and medium-sized businesses need a more efficient, cost-effective, yet still accurate method for tracking sentiment in real time. To help these organizations navigate how to best communicate with their stakeholder audiences, Peppercomm offers Mindset.AI.

The new analytics dashboard is designed to help brands effectively map their stakeholder’s emotional mindset whether in times of crisis or not, and predict where that group will be in the future to effectively communicate to them and with them. It is the only analytics-driven tool that can identify their stakeholders’ stages in the crisis lifecycle; tap into their mindset to track emotions and engagements; and quantify the what, when, and where of how best to engage.

Built on advanced AI designed specifically to derive emotional states, Mindset.AI analyzes millions of conversations drawn from thousands of varied sources across the internet, through internal channels and more. All of this passes through natural language processing algorithms to produce insights that can transform a brand’s understanding of its most important stakeholders on a granular, nearly day-to-day basis.

Mindset.AI identifies the impact on stakeholders’ moods and daily lives, where they are engaging and what they are saying, and where they will be in the future based on the current cycle. This allows Peppercomm to develop key messaging, campaign direction, timing and cadence for communications, delivering a detailed report with complete analytics and proposed 30-60-90 day plan for communication.

In crisis response, start with real-time listening

Too many companies don’t have a crisis plan, or the platforms to help them formulate one.

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