The 2022 big game was shaping up to not just be a battle between as crypto companies lined up to go head-to-head in :30 and :60 second spots. Brands recruited notable faces to promote everything from NFTs to Web3 technologies while Binance, the world’s largest crypto and blockchain infrastructure provider, partnered with a group of VIPs, known for their honesty and independence, to tell consumers, “Don’t listen to [celebs] about your financial freedom, learn crypto and trust yourself.”
Lead creative agency Honeymoon Creative partnered with Peppercomm to activate the campaign. The approach was simple: act not ad and be bold in our communications. Activating around a pop culture moment that’s largely driven by commercials without a commercial was risky but using irony, empowerment and authenticity allowed us to break through.
The global campaign – featured global superstar J Balvin, all-star basketball forward Jimmy Butler and MMA fighter Valentina Shevchenko – focused on encouraging consumers to do the research and learn crypto themselves, so they can be empowered and accountable for their own financial freedom and success.
For every commercial aired during the game with a celebrity “talking crypto”, viewers sounded Binance’s #CryptoCelebAlert at to claim one of 2,222 POAP NFTs featuring Jimmy Butler. More importantly, they accessed an easy-to-read primer to better understand the basics of crypto. The media strategy was based on three phases: teaser/advance outreach, launch announcement and reveal. The team started embargo outreach to top tier media securing an exclusive with the Wall Street Journal forthe day of launch which was followed by coverage from CNN, CBS News, Fortune, The Hash, Benzinga, FastCo, and AdAge, among others


Engagement surpassed expectations resulting in
375K visitors to the webpage, 55K “alarms” sounded and visitors pressed
the buzzer and 2,222 NFTs claimed.