From soup to nuts, Peppercomm created the new brand. We conducted and analyzed all the research that led to the new positioning and acted as creative director to The Hive to produce the assets that were used to introduce the brand at Greenbuild. We worked hand-in-glove with Saint-Gobain communications and associated employees to launch the brand both on the show floor and on the streets of Philadelphia.


Saint-Gobain was a brand with a deep history – but one that was largely unknown in the United States. It needed a new way of showcasing the depth and breadth of its multi-billion dollar portfolio in a relatable, easy-to-understand way. Additionally, some of its sub-brands, such as CertainTeed and Sage, were much more well-known by audiences. Saint-Gobain wasn’t looking to change this level of recognition– just make the connection to the corporate parent clearer.


After deep research, Life’s Material Difference was born. All businesses in the portfolio were able to ladder up into the positioning, and it spoke directly to the impact of Saint-Gobain products on people’s lives. For launch, we took a multi-disciplinary approach, the foundation of which was a new visual identity. Other tactics:

  • Trained all show floor employees on the new branding, messaging and how they could sell – and cross-sell – using it
  • Advised on the creation of a city-wide advertising campaign, that appeared at the airport, train station, on bus shelters, convention center and taxi television screens
  • Helped with promotion of two major events for show attendees and key customers: a lunch-and-learn at the Kimmel Center which featured the special electrochromic glass of one SGNA sub-brand on its roof, and an invite-only Bon Jovi concert/Hillary Clinton keynote at Temple University
  • Conducted measurement on the show floor, with the ‘educated public’ of Philadelphia and all employees to understand the impact of the new brand


  • Aided awareness increased significantly from 51 percent to 68 percent
  • One in eight were familiar with the slogan “Life’s Material Difference” and of these 40 percent already associated the slogan with SGNA and its subsidiaries
  • Sixty-nine percent of attendees believed that “Life’s Material Difference” was a relevant tagline to their line of work
  • One of five Philadelphians interviewed (19%) were familiar with SGNA, up from only 10% before the conference
  • Awareness of what SGNA does skyrocketed from 0 percent before the conference to 35 percent afterward