Wit + Wisdom: April 21, 2023

We are so done with swiping left 😂

We admit it: We can’t get enough of “Love is Blind.” That’s why we were as aggro as you were when the live season four reunion special of the Netflix hit was delayed by more than an hour. But we feel better now after doing our box breathing and rotfl at the hilarious takes on the socials from the hoi polloi, celebrities and brands. Even Blockbuster piled on, providing definitive proof that Blockbuster actually does still exist. Now if we could only find happiness like Tiffany and Brett so we could play “Everlasting Love” on repeat.

A women’s place is at the front of the meeting room 🦉

What could you do with 82 cents? Not much, right? Well, if you’re the average woman in the workforce, you earn about 82 cents for every dollar a man earns, according to recent research from Pew. The word “infuriating” doesn’t even begin to describe this sad state of affairs. But maybe, just maybe, there’s a new tactic women can deploy in the fight for pay equity. A new study cited in Harvard Business Review suggests that using humor at work can benefit women even more than it does men. Researchers found that humor helps women be perceived as more inspiring and influential than less-funny women and comparably funny men. Of course, humor alone won’t solve the pernicious pay-equity problem (we’re looking at you, powerful men), but hopefully it can boost more women to get what they truly deserve.

Friends don’t let friends…

Things that are not easy to do: (1) Stop dipping our pizza in ranch dressing? (2) Roll over our old 401(k)? (3) Get a teen to do something we ask them to do? While we don’t have any tips for the first two issues, we have found a funny and clever way to address number three. The Minnesota Department of Health has launched a humorous campaign to help kids talk to their peers about the dangers of vaping. Our boomer friends say the “Hey Norm” program reminds them of the guy George Wendt played on “Cheers,” but we adore it.