Wit + Wisdom | July 14


No, seriously. What the actual DUCK?! 🤬 Not only does Gen Z drive way cooler cars than us (because they were purchased by their blogger moms and dads), but now they have to start a stupid trend, too? Apparently, it is now a thing to place rubber ducks on fellow Jeep owners to show camaraderie. We’re not sure this is something we can get behind, and that might be simply because we don’t want to. We’re waiting for some marketing genius at Jeep to tell us they came up with the idea to distract their drivers from the fact that “All-American” Jeeps are made by multinational corporate kraken Stellanis. It just goes to show you that even the wackiest (quackiest?) ideas can gain traction if you’re willing to take a risk. Thank goodness we have yet another social media platform (#Threads) where we can go rogue and bi*** about it endlessly.


Don’t believe us? Just ask science!

If you had any doubts about the benefits of using humor in your business, look no further than Robert Lee of Cullman Liquidation (see below). But first check this out: Vienna University of Economics and Business recently conducted study showing the value of rotfling on the job and how it can help boost morale, strengthen skills and create a more positive work atmosphere overall. Dad jokes and a more positive job experience? Count us INNNNN!


A dream on wheels

Rising mortgage rates are no match for the chokehold Robert Lee has on us. If you haven’t seen this incredible commercial (someone please tell us it’s real), you better get to it. Within one minute and nineteen seconds, Lee made us want to give him our life savings for a less-than-boujie mobile home AND run through a brick wall. His electric energy is just inspiring. Kudos to you, Lee, and for embracing your very own sense of lol to become a viral sensation. And do let us know if Cullman Liquidation is ever putting out an RFP. 👀