Wit + Wisdom | July 21

We all scream!!!

Ah, the joys of summer. Paying $16 for a beer at the ballpark. Being today years old when you found out you were allergic to bee stings. Showing up for your one day a week in the office looking like a drowned rat. But…there is one thing we lurv about summer: ice cream! When we’re dragging from the summertime blues, it feels like a cold, sweet, creamy scoop of Lexapro. And you’ll never guess who’s vibing on ice cream now – Jiffy Lube! Jiffy what? Yes, Jiffy Lube! Those brilliant Jiffy Lube marketing execs must have sat in a meeting this spring and said, “What can we do that would be totally lit for our brand?” They came up with a killer campaign to team Jiffy Lube with Good Humor to “keep summer rolling” (wink!) by offering ice cream trucks free maintenance this summer. So, the next time you roll up on a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bar, pour out a couple of drips to the spiffy Jiffy team.


Et tu, Sonic??

What’s the number one rule of using humor in business? If you said a two-drink minimum at staff meetings, you’re close. But the real answer is – know your audience! The key to killing it and bombing at a comedy club or in a conference room is being relevant. (Sidenote: Why is comedy so violent??) So, if you’re looking to get members of Gen Z laughing, here’s something to remember. According to a recent survey of 16- to 24-year-olds, Gen Z recognizes Sonic the Hedgehog 83% of the of time, but William Shakespeare only 62% of the time. (Tbh we’d rather hang out with Sonic than with a guy who writes lines like, “Mine eyes smell onions.”) But here’s the shocker: The survey also asked Gen Z to identify Dua Lipa versus Rosa Parks. Lipa won 72% to 63%. We get it: “Love Again” is gonna be our wedding song someday. But Rosa Parks? C’mon, Gen Z.


Let’s roll with the ROI of LOL

How many CEOs live by the personal and professional motto of “expect less”? Thankfully for the global economy, it’s just one: Peppercomm’s very own Steve Cody. We kid, we kid. Somehow, someway Steve has built and grown a successful, award-winning business for nearly 30 years based on the tenets of humor. (He even wrote a book about it!) Steve recently talked about his journey on the Turning the Corner vodcast with Kendra Prospero, sharing sooo many 🔥 tips for how humor can make you a better leader and help your people become happier and more innovative. (Also, how cool is it that Kendra is a corporate culture guru named Prospero??) Believe us, investing 25 minutes watching this vod will be the best thing you can do for your mental wellbeing all week!