Wit + Wisdom | July 7

We finally get to the bottom of humor in marketing

When it comes to using humor to sell, opinions about what’s funny are like elbows: everyone has at least two. For example, we’d love your take on a certain trend — the…um…backwash of various “humorous” toilet paper campaigns lately. We’ve had the Charmin bears (they actually have names…who knew?) telling us to “Enjoy the go!” Now we have Cottonelle plunging for a new group of influencers they’ve dubbed Assvertizers, who will join Ken Jeong in promoting DownThereCare. Assvertizers? Why not Skinfluencers? Whatevs. While we find this whole vibe just a little too cringe, don’t feel guilty if you love it. We’re sure you have enough people in your life laying a guilt trip on you. (Hint: It really is okay to skip the fam reunion over Labor Day Weekend to go down the shore instead.)

If you don’t believe us, maybe you’ll believe Psychology Today

There’s mucho science behind why humor works in a business setting. Are we scientists? Listen, we went to a state school, got a degree in Humanities (hey, at least it wasn’t Philosophy) and drop words like mucho into everyday conversation. But, lucky for us (and you!), there are so many smart peeps out there studying the science of humor to tell us why it works at work – including the brainiacs at Psychology Today. They can explain why humor can improve so many skillz needed to succeed on the job, like risk taking and being hyper-aware of how people perceive you. What better beach chair reading can you get?

We’re about ready to completely unravel

Good news! Wit + Wisdom is moving to Threads! We’ll see ya there. Oh, wait. While some 30 million users jumped on Mark Zuckerberg’s new baby overnight, that still pales in comparison to the ~450 mil folks on you know what. Are you as confused as we are whether or not to start spinning yards on Threads? We see you nodding. So as a public service, we offer this chance to laugh at it all via these lol hot takes about the newest weed to grow in the social media vacant lot. And just when your thought Marky Z was coming to save us all from the Muskrat, there’s a catch ­­— if you ever want to delete your Threads account you’ll also lose your Insta account. Welp!