Wit + Wisdom | June 9

You might not be as funny as you think you are… 😂

#SorryNotSorry. It’s the classic tale of pranks gone wrong. We know best that LOLing at work can bring a newfound spark to corporate life. However, getting it right is key. So gluing your intern’s mouse to their desk might seem like the best idea since the Choco Taco (RIP 😢), but your intern (and your HR department) probably doesn’t think so. Since a joke flopping can quickly turn into a company’s worst nightmare, myHR Partner is here to save the day with some guidelines to help your colleagues avoid the rookie mistake of filling the water cooler with vodka and thinking it’s super groundbreaking. There are other ways to get the party going, peeps!

Don’t take things too seriously, darling. 🦉

We get it. The worst feeling of all time is when your joke doesn’t land, and you feel like a full-blown idiot. Chances are, when mixing humor and business you might be overthinking it! It’s important to recognize this is a marathon, not a sprint. Practice makes (almost) perfect. Just take it from our CEO. He’s usually only funny around the time of our yearly bonuses, but that doesn’t stop him from trying the other 51 weeks a year. Just trust the process and read up on these tips from Converge to help put you at ease. You got this!

Mom, look, I can laugh and cough at the same dang time! 🪄

For those of us in the Northeast, our Tuesday – Thursday was thrown for a loop when our skies turned a lovely (horrific) shade of burnt orange as a result of the wildfires in Canada. Of course, as we Americans do, everyone took to Twitter to let out their anger about the sh** air quality. Natch, some of the responses had us ROTFL — another reminder that when the world gets crazy, there is absolutely room to spread some laughter. Our personal fave might be the comparison of NY/NJ looking like Tupperware after our Nonna’s weekly Sunday dinner. Fanculo to you too, climate change! 🤌🤌🤌 But, seriously, our neighbors to the north, we feel you. We encourage everyone to help those affected by the wildfires to dig deep and support this effort. Some great options can be found here.