Wit + Wisdom | LDW Edition

What the buff? 

We’ve done this dance before. Brands come out of nowhere with the most random mascots ever. We’re looking at you, Mr. Mucus. However, Buffalo Wild Wings might have just won us over here. As part of a creative refresh, the chief chicken wing chain has rolled out a new campaign starring Hank, a CGI bison. We’ll admit he’s cute, and we wouldn’t be surprised if girls in their mid-20s with no sense of budget start to ask if they can adopt him. As the ads are hitting right ahead of football season, it’s v clear BWW didn’t wing this. 😉 We wish you well (+ many impressions). Hanky! 


XOXO from the witty + the wise 

We loved LinkedIn before, but we might lurv the platform even more now. Their recent article on how to best use humor and wit within communication is right up our alley. From correct timing to relatability, this piece covers the key points to really driving home the ROI of LOL (P.S.: Have you pre-ordered your copy of our CEO’s book yet? No? Ok, we won’t tell him.) 

But for reelz, seeing the tenets of humor being used (correctly) in business makes our hearts super happy. What more could we need before heading into LDW 2023?!?!?! Ah yes, a brewski or two might do. 


Slay the day, Netflix

Gen Z will be doomed on the day when saying “slay” is deemed uncool – and we know it’s coming for us. But until then, we’ll continue to overuse it and insert it into every possible conversation we can. These kiddies don’t give us many breaks, except when they want to use our Netflix subscription to avoid the dreadful $9.99 monthly charge. We’ll let it slide tho, because Netflix truly brings the heat when it comes to marketing. Between stellar partnerships and zoning in on their key audiences, the streaming platform quite literally doesn’t miss. However, we’re not sure we’ll ever forgive them for giving the “Rocky” series the boot at the end of September. But — guess it’s true — the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. 

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings