Wit + Wisdom | Mar. 15

How NOT to handle a PR crisis

Our peeps in our London office would not let the week go by without us diving deep into the Katespiracy. We don’t mean to further fan the flames of hysteria, but this strange episode does offer a pretty hilarious take on how not to handle a potential PR crisis. By now you know the basics, right? The Princess of Wales has been mostly MIA since having abdominal surgery in mid-January, sparking all manner of crazy questions about her status. (See the consummate timeline here.) Then on Sunday, she posted a pic on social with her kids. She’s back, right? Not so fast! The pic was found to be altered. And Kate’s response? “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing.” Hmmm…why is it so hard for us to imagine the Princess of Wales huddled over her old MacBook at Starbucks messing around with Canva? Her explanation prompted a flood of lol content. We’re still laughing at this Gizmodo slideshow. Poor Kate. But we’re sure she’ll bounce back from this one…just like the queen princess she is!


We need to talk about your TPS reports

There are sooo many three-letter phrases we associate with work nowadays. PTO, CRM, ERP, KPI, TPS reports, the list goes on. But there’s one that we don’t see often enough: J-O-Y. Yes, experiencing joy at work is not only possible, but it’s also necessary! Now you might be asking, “Wit + Wisdom, how could I ever inspire more joy at my company? We already post employees’ pet pics.” Well, we’ve got answers! Our CEO, Steve Cody, literally wrote the book on joy at work. It’s called The ROI of LOL. (Hey, more three-word phrases!) If you want to check out some quick tips and tricks from the man himself, peep this new article from Reworked on how to bring more light into any workplace.


Don’t believe us? Well, maybe you’ll listen to this Ph.D.

So, let’s say you want to call in some outside experts to run a humor workshop for your team. You know you need something to help them better connect and make them more creative and innovative. But you’re having a tough time explaining to your manager why you need to invest the company’s coin. You could ask ChatGPT, but we don’t recommend it. Instead, peruse this content from Antonio Sadaric that explains in hella-rational terms why humor is so important at work. Cognitive processing? Yup, mmm hmmm. Activation of reward pathways? More please! So when you’re finished writing up those TPS reports, you can finally draft that email to the boss and get your humor workshop on the cal! You’re welcome.