Wit + Wisdom | Sept. 22

Disclaimer: Yes, this newsletter includes thoughts on the tales of two interesting animal species. No, we do not have a small-mammal fetish. 

Let’s hear it for the (rat) girls! 

Sistas, it’s time to scurry! Fall might be on its way in, but Rat Girl Summer energy should absolutely live on through autumn. Consumers spent the past few months sticking to key aspects of RGS by hanging outside as much as possible, eating lotttttts of whatever the heck they wanted, not caring what other people think and other traits mirroring our rodent friends. In fact, the trend popped off so much that our very own account supervisor, Dhani Hoyte, penned a piece in MediaPost about it. We love this for you, Rat Girlies – get that bag!!!!!! 🐀🐀🐀

We’d probably flee from Pennsylvania, too. 

For some people, graphic design is their passion. For us, we live to help business leaders, BUT don’t believe Forbes when they tell you PA is one of the best states to start a business — at least not the past few weeks. All of the jawns and yinz in PA and social media denizens across the US of A have been thrown for a loop as the Keystone State has experienced **multiple** breakouts these past few weeks. Is a convicted murderer spider-walking out of a prison and remaining on the run from police for almost two weeks funny? Of course not. But did Philth-adelphians ruthlessly yell “Go Birds!’ at the TV screen when the killer was finally captured wearing an Eagles sweatshirt? C’mon, you know the answer. =

Just a few days later, nine teens freed themselves from a juvenile detention center in Morgantown, PA. While they were only on the run for a few hours, we did giggle when a spokesperson stated some of the youngsters turned themselves in because, “They were done, they were tired, they were cold.” We feel you, kiddos.=

Perhaps the saying ”‘save the best for last” is true in this case, as the third escape in PA was a bit more…furry? Earlier this week, thousands of mink bailed from a fur farm after someone cut the fence. Though we can’t afford mink stoles on our PR salaries (and wouldn’t be wearing it anytime soon anyway), we are truly gagging over 8K of these little monsters running amuck.

She’s not the one for you, Joe

Have you heard of the Tiger King? No, not the one in prison. The supaaaah cute one who throws a ball around for a living. Ding ding: Joe Burrow. The Bengals’ QB has stolen the hearts of many with his movie-star looks, incredible drip and just overall vibe. However, when reports of hunky Burrow proposing to his longtime girlfriend Olivia began to surface, the gals were stunned and heartbroken. In a genius LOL marketing move, a Cincinnati bar capitalized on local women’s emotional distress by offering a “sad girl shot” for 9 cents (Burrow’s uniform number). Comprised of Bailey’s, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, the alcoholic concoction was clearly created with tons of love to comfort those shook by the terrible news that their manz was off the market. We know, Katie. You really thought he was the one. Time to reactivate that Tinder of yours! #FeralGirlFall, anyone?

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)