Wit+Wisdom | Dec. 1

Beer poured, tears flowin’

December is here, which means holiday commercials that make us bawl like little babies are in full force. Northern-Irish pub, Charlie’s Bar, pulled at our heartstrings with their recent Christmas advert, shot totally on a phone, surrounding an elderly man strolling around with a sad look on his face, longing for human interaction. We won’t spoil it, but just be prepped for a happy ending that may result in ugly crying. This ad has absolutely exploded on the socials, hammering home the point that you don’t have to bend yourself into a pretzel to create content that hits all the feels. Word has it total budget was around 900 bucks. Here’s to being kind and to sharing a few laughs with a stranger never going out of style. Sláinte! 🍻

Ketchup is best stored in the…

  1. A) Fridge (Normal)
  2. B) Cupboard (Psychopath)

Who knew tomatoes could cause such a stir? Welp, perhaps the hottest social media topic of 2023 in the UK is where folks put the ruby red condiment after it has been opened. #DYK, according to a survey conducted as part of a witty Heinz campaign, 41% of Brits keep their ketchup in the cupboard once it’s been opened? Like eww??? If you’re intrigued by this wackadoodle behavior, check out more in this coocoo case study here.

BREWtiful idea, Estrella Galicia

Nobody likes an imposter, especially Spanish beer brand Estrella Galicia. According to FabNews, the brand has launched a new campaign called ”‘Spanish not SpanISH” after consumer research found that 80% of premium-beer drinkers considered authenticity important to them and that people would pay more for a genuine Spanish import. EG is keen on proving they are TRULY the best, and their tagline, “No Bull, just everything else from Spain,” really got our W+W atención.

Alexa, play “Miami” by Will Smith. We’re dreaming of palm trees and a Bourbon Berry cocktail from R House Wynwood. Fun and fierce vibes? Yes, please! Adding to our South Beach itinerary immediately. If you’re headed to the city of Crockett & Tubbs anytime soon, check out Peppercomm’s new list of must-dos.