Wit+Wisdom | Dec. 15

Fa la la la la…leave the gossip at the door

#DYK that a study conducted by Huazhong University Of Science & Technology, the University Of Auckland, and Shanghai University Of Finance & Economics, found that humor displayed by leadership is associated with reduced workplace gossip and increased authentic self-expression among employees? Even tho we do love tea from time to time, there’s no place for it on the job! Kickin’ 2024 off with this mindset might be the way to go and our fab + funny Laughing Matters Council member, David Horning, shares more about it here.

The 2023 ad scene had peeps seein’ green

Enter The Jealous List: A catalog of advertisements curated by AdWeek that agencies voted as the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème, the leaders of them all, and so on. From the Barbie pink-splosion to Grimace’s bday palooza, these promos had everyone swooning and wishing they thought of them. Major kudos to these brands/humans (ahem, T. Kelce’s GF) + their creative teams, we don’t know how it gets better than this.   

Cubicle comedians save the day

Of courseeeeeeeeeeee we love our 9-5, but there’s somethin special about bonding over when certain common corporate terms like ‘work life balance,’ don’t quite come to fruition. We’re giggling with TikToker DeAndre Brown who truly says what we’re all thinking when it comes to life on the job. BTW, make sure to view his vids now, they’re not something you’re going to want to wait to circle back on in Q1. 😉

PepperPick of the Week

Drink up, grinches, we’re (virtually) going to Tulum’s Bagatelle! Quoted as ‘Disney World for adults,’ this boujee restaurant is filled with French-Mediterranean fare and hellllla booze. Bottom’s up!