Wit+Wisdom | Feb. 2

Have we reached peak #dadbod?

It can be lonely at the top. (Not that we would know.) Leaders tend to get too much blame when things go wrong, and not enough credit when things go right. Natch, that can make it tough for them to know when and how to use humor to connect with their audiences. Next time you’re stuck, take a page from Patrick Mahomes’ playbook. The Chiefs’ star QB slayed after a shirtless vid circulated showing him looking like an actual normal dude! Shocker! So how did Patrick react? By jumping headfirst into our TLs with some LOL self-deprecating humor. Patrick’s dad even chimed in with his own “Finding Your Roots”-style analysis of the Mahomes’ family genome. So if you’re looking for a humorous angle to make you more approachable, try poking a little fun at yourself. But please leave your shirt on.

Egg yolks + vinegar + oil + yuks!

If you’re one of the seven loyal readers of Wit + Wisdom (thx, mom and dad!), you know we stan condiments. Just a couple of months ago, we called out Kraft for its hilarious mayo campaign. Now we’re back with another riff on our fave creamy, white accompaniment. Our early pick for funniest Super Bowl ad so far has got to be the Hellman’s spot featuring Kate McKinnon and a cat that becomes a celeb for being able to say – wait for it – “Mayo.” Check it out and watch for the surprise twist from another SNL alum that makes this commercial unforgettable.

How to pass your next TikTok vibe check

You might have noticed TikTok CEO Shou Chew being grilled on Capitol Hill this week about TikTok being owned by a Chinese company. Chew was pressed about his nationality and whether he had been a member of the Chinese Communist Party. Fact: Chew was born and lives in Singapore! Despite the naysayers, TikTok we’ve got your back. We lurved your recent blog on how brands can successfully use humor on your platform. Our fave strategies include working with experienced creators and letting them deliver the laughs in their own, authentic way.