Wit+Wisdom | Jan. 26

⚠️ Humor (NOT) This Way ⚠️

Last week, the feds announced that states have two years to adopt the new rules in its 1,100-page Highway Administration manual, which include prohibiting the use of humor in electronic messages on highways. That means no more funny signs to get us through the NJ Turnpike. Thankfully, our fab Laughing Matters Council member, David Horning, wrote a top-notch piece for MediaPost that drills down on why the DOT should proceed with caution on this new mandate. “Removing humor from these signs shows a misunderstanding of how humor can positively impact our daily routines. Like a punchline you didn’t see coming, opening yourself up to the humor in serious places like highway signs can help you navigate the complexities of everyday life as you navigate the complexities of interstate travel,” he states. Say it louder for the people in the back (or those stuck in traffic!!!)


“That’s too much ketchup,” said no one. EVER.

Who knew a ketchup brand would continuously slay its marketing campaigns? Heinz has taken the lead once again with their recent “The Wait” advertisements, highlighting consumers who will hold off on digging into their meals until their beloved condiments arrive at their tables. The campaign ties together an experience we know all too well and we’d strongly argue no one feels this kind of love for mayo. ❤️


Did you get my ping?

As we all bond through the ultimate Friday struggle which is Microsoft Teams seemingly having an absolute freakout, we want you to know we’re here for you. Yes, you might have no idea that your boss assigned you a massive report with an EOD deadline, BUT you do have the ability to giggle at the fact that most of corporate America is crumbling to pieces rn. Imagine telling our ancestors that so much of our 9-5 comms centered around one platform, and, when that platform goes kaputz, we simply don’t know how to act and revert to meme-making. The world moves fast, but internet trolls move faster. Enjoy, peeps.



We lurvvvv a good get together and that’s why we can’t wait to see y’all this Tuesday 1/30 at our annual Comedy Fundraiser at NYC’s West Side Comedy Club. Don’t have your tix yet? No worries, link here: bit.ly/3SdGjFh. And, to recover from the brutal dad jokes that are likely to ensue, be sure to treat yourself to a specialty cocktail at nearby retro bar, The Owl’s Tail