Wit+Wisdom | Jan. 5

No, you don’t have to give up eating gruyere in 2024

Hey, how are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Yeah, we thought so. Samesies. Dry January didn’t last very long. We couldn’t let the rest of that gallon of coquito we made on Christmas Eve go down the drain! In fact, we’ve kind of had it with negative resolutions that tell people to not do something. Eat less cheese? C’mon! OTOH, we love the 2024 vibe coming from this blog post by mobile bank N26. The fine folks at N26 remind us that we’re more apt to succeed if we set positive goals based on moving toward something rather than negative goals focused on moving away from something. Wait! Advice we can really use coming from a bank? Yes, please.


He’s right – we also want to meet whoever came up with “low-hanging fruit”

It’s only early January, but we already have our early leader for TikTokker of the year. We heart DeAndre Brown, a hilarious Gen Z Chicagoan who quit his job as a banking analyst and began producing content that drags modern corporate culture. DeAndre is spot on when it comes to dissing meaningless, cliched business jargon. And if you’re older than Gen Z and want to know how that generation hears you, you need to watch DeAndre’s vids with “Corporate Erin.” Believe us when we say this is exactly the type of content younger professionals are lurving today.


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Brands often say to themselves, “Self, how can I be funnier on social without being cringe or getting myself into an all-out war with Musk?” We get you. Trying to use humor effectively on these platforms with literally billions of different people watching you (not to mention the bots) can seem like heading up a creek without a paddle in a barbed-wire canoe. That’s why this blog post from Zoho is hitting with us this week. It’s full of great tips on how to successfully bend reality with laughs but not break it. We especially like the idea of replying to select users with a zinger or two.


PepperPicks Vegas Style

Whether you’re headed to Vegas for a conference (CES, anyone?) or some R&R, and need a place to lay your head, look no further than The Delano Las Vegas. Attached to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, the Delano is a suites-only hotel with all the luxury amenities you’re looking for without the casino vibes if that’s not your thing. IOHO it offers the best of both worlds of all that Vegas has to offer. In fact, we’ll be there all next week attending the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show. If you’re headed to the show, give us a shout, we’d love to meet up!