Wit+Wisdom: May 12

I Am Legend 🤣

Wired: Using humor to boost your biz in a surprising way that resonates with your target audiences. Tired: Trotting out something only you think is clever while telling your target audiences to talk to the . The latest comedic fumble comes from Germany, where the most celebrated race track on the continent, the famed and feared Nürburgring, debuted its new mascot – Legend. The problem is that many fans are not really quite sure why this temple of motorsports needs a furry, six-foot fox that legit looks terrifying. Road & Track seemed mystified. As mascots go, we much prefer our client MINI’s virtual assistant –  Spike –  that will appear in its cars in the future. Talk about being on brand!


We’re Bringing Humor Back 🕺🦉

So, you work in climate change A.K.A every day you realize how badly we as humans have f***** the environment up? Good news. You CAN laugh about it. In our many, many, long, grueling years of corporate life (hint hint: a 26 year old is writing this), we have seen our fair share of TedX talks. Some are downright painful. But this one. This one is different. In this nine minute chat, behavioral scientist Jennifer Aaker and corporate strategist Naomi Bagdonas dive into how you don’t need to be a comedian to be funny, and you don’t need to be employed as a clown in order to laugh at work. The benefits of LOLing while on the job are unreal. And who knows better than us? Not sold yet? We’ll throw in comedy training with our CEO to convince you (or make you run for your life.) 


Battle of the Brands 🪄

Are you a victim of hearing a 13-year old taking random products and shouting “DUUUUUUUPE?” You’re not alone. And you may be entitled to financial compensation in the form of workout gear. Athletic clothing powerhouse LuLulemon might be onto something here. In wake of the infamous TikTok “dupe” trend, which basically takes a more costly product and supplies viewers with a cheaper alternative, LL is offering quite the trade in LA this weekend. When customers head into the Century City Mall store with a knock-off pair of leggings, they’ll be handed an almost $100 pair of Align High Rise Pants…FO FREEEEE. This might just be the inspo we needed to get started on our New Year’s resolution. 😉