Zoomies at 35,000 feet…er…paws

Zoomies at 35,000 feet…er…paws

There are some critical things we’ve learned over the past few crazy years. One is that some of us look better wearing a facemask. Another is that no one really needs a $15 salad. And maybe the most important is how much we lurv our pets. Without our furry friends, there’s no way we would have made it through COVID-19, Panic! at the Disco breaking up and saladflation. The folks at BARK, the company behind BarkBox, know this better than anyone. So they obvs applied wit + wisdom to come up with their latest business idea. Yes, it’s BARK Air, the airline for dogs. Just another PR stunt, you say? We say nay. BARK seems 100% serious about this, garnering media coverage all over the globe for its “white-paw experience” in the skies. The CEO of BARK even flew from Florida to New Jersey in a dog crate! TRIGGER WARNING: It wasn’t fun to watch, but it sure makes BARK Air look like the best idea for dog lovers since the pooper scooper.


Did you know the “comic triple” was even a thing?

Andrew Tarvin says he’s obsessed with efficiency. So much so that he shortened his name to Drew because it’s only one syllable! Drew is a former Fortune 500 project manager and author of The United States of Laughter who has become a guru when it comes to using humor to succeed at work and in life. His social feed is filled with great advice. To wit, how to use humor to deflect criticism and even insults; and how to use the comic triple to make yourself stand out in any conversation. So this weekend while you’re celebrating the birthday of the great Bonnie Tyler and blasting “Holding Out for a Hero,” carve out a couple minutes for our man Drew.


Another juicy tidbit about the science of humor

If you’re one of our faves who read Wit + Wisdom on the regular (thanks moms!), you’re all-too-well aware that we can nerd out when it comes to humor. And it’s our mission to bring the nerdy side of humor to y’all in ways that you can actually use. BREAKING: Caroline Rosenberg has published a new humor study! Caroline works in the School of Psychology at Deakin University in Australia (go Dragons!!). She and her team have identified the five elements every leader needs to master to use humor successfully at work. Ready for it? First is “read the room.” Know what type of humor to use in what context. Second, know why you’re using humor and what you’re trying to motivate your people to do. Third, use your judgment and be careful. If your co-workers expect you to be funny, you’re probably using humor too much. Fourth, work on your delivery – body language, facial expressions, etc. And, finally, be hyperaware of people’s reactions and address negative feedback immediately. You go, Caroline!



If you’re in Montreal this weekend for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, check out Wilensky’s Light Lunch near the Museum of Jewish Montreal. We recommend the Special with all-beef salami plus all-beef baloney grilled on a delicious roll with a touch of mustard.