Wit + Wisdom | April 14, 2023

Happy Friday and welcome to your weekly dose of humor + business! We believe the magic happens when wit and wisdom join forces. Wit + Wisdom explores concepts that can help a leader or brand stand out (and hopefully brings a 😊 to your day). Check out our rating system below.

😂 witty | example of a clever idea that breaks through

🦉  wise | how to use the tenets of humor at work and with customers

✨ magic | combining the power of bot with + wisdom

Can we actually use that word on here? 😂

This one might be a little PG-13. Why is it that whenever we try to be wholesome, a 6-year old is always there to call us out? Long story short, small business owner Charlotte creates wood slices with bear designs and sells them via her Etsy shop. Unfortunately, one order had a knot in the wood that was placed right on the bear’s [bleep]. When a reviewer shared their young daughter’s despondent thoughts, Charlotte jumped on the humor bandwagon to turn what could have been an embarrassing gaffe into a major slay. Charlotte’s apologetic TikTok went viral, boosting her business in an entirely new way.

We’re from the future, and we’re here to help you 🦉

We’d like to have a word with whoever came up with the saying: “May you live in interesting times.”

The past few years have been a little too interesting, savvy? But one of the best things about living in 2023 is that this is the first era with five generations in the workplace together! And don’t we love our Gen Zers. As Brad Bartlett points out on Insider (from Medium), when it comes to humor in the workplace, Gen Z has its own take – and it’s one we should all embrace. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which is an amazing thing in a working world that can be so chaotic.

AIRpril Fools! 

Greenwashing isn’t funny, but the fast one that Cuyana just pulled on consumers is. To celebrate April Fool’s Day, the accessories brand launched Made with Air, a campaign they classified as “the world’s first true zero-impact collection.” Yes, accessories made from air. The company even connected with influencers to show off their oxygenated products. Clearly Cuyana’s offbeat idea did the trick, increasing their social engagement by a whopping 130%! And, yes, people actually added “Made with Air” products to their carts. In the end, this was Cayuna’s unserious way to shed light on a deadly serious problem: greenwashing. Take that, ExxonMobil.

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