Wit + Wisdom | August 11

‼️ Hotshot Husky Alert ‼️ 

Well, well, well, if it isn’t our fave dude on the front page of Northeastern’s alumni mag. No, he didn’t only get this prime spot because he is a dignified grad. He’s actually doing some cool shiz. Check out Mr. Cody as he explains why using humor within business is major 🔑 and makes you a supa lit CEO. Among his gems: “I feel that self-deprecating humor in particular really humanizes whoever the leader is. If she or he is willing to make fun of herself or himself, it really lowers the stress levels and makes it OK for everybody else to inject self-deprecating humor. It’s a muscle that everybody should learn to use in some way, shape or form.” Slay Steve.

Move over, iPad kids

It’s time to stop scrolling and start rolling. The next generation of youngsters are not only here to make fun of us, but also to show off their insane athleticism. Gen Alpha is taking us oldies down one hoverboard at a time as a recent social trend of them roaming around on the devices is popping off. How much more can we take? Until they can change those diapers themselves though, they still need us…so the joke might be on them. But, tbh, these kiddos just hit different. They are not going back to playing with (stepping on) Legos. So note to all HR execs: Yes, it’s time to invest in hoverboard insurance for your new employees, buy everyone helmets and institute “hoverboard-free Fridays.”

AI can you break up with my workspouse for me? 

Passive aggression at work might just skyrocket to a new level with the help of our good friend, machine learning. We’ve all encountered those awk situations with colleagues that we dread confronting, such as telling our work bestie that frat boy Chad from the finance department is actually not the love of her life, or breaking the news to your manager that you accidentally used the corporate card to order momos while ~under the influence.~ Thank goodness the New Yorker has shared some incredible takes on how AI can lend a helping hand for those unfortunate moments by taking the wheel and generating some wholesome responses. You might be on your own for the constant flatulence, tho.