Wit + Wisdom | Dec. 8

Forget the socks! Try some humor hacks for Hanukkah

Here’s our Hanukkah gift to you: Check out these fab tips for injecting some levity into your content from the folks at Constant Contact. They’ve got some great hacks, ranging from using images and GIFs to – wait for it! – making your blog posts actually fun to read. Eureka! Even with serious subject matter, when you write, think about how you can make your reader smile or brighten their day. Bringing humor to almost any topic has been proven to release chemicals in the human brain that make us want more! So, if you’re looking for a way to help your audiences engage with your content and keep them coming back, try a little wit with your wisdom.


Is someone cutting onions in here??

In last week’s W+W, we provided you all the feels with this tear-jerking (happy tears!) homemade commercial from a Northern Ireland pub. This week we’re doubling down on cutting onions in here. Puerto Rico’s Alzheimer’s Association launched a program to help Alzheimer’s patients boost their memory and lighten their mood by collecting popular advertising jingles from the 1960s through the ‘80s and making them available on a new web platform. For these patients, it’s a form of therapy as the jingles switch on a light in their mind. We challenge you to watch this amazing video and not reach for a tissue.


More PowerPoint? Save us!

The holiday season should be all about peace and joy. But nothing can ruin our eggnog-latte vibe like a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation. To help make sure you never deliver the slideshow from hell, we’ve found these kewl tips for inserting a touch of humor into any preso. We especially lurv the idea of adding witty images into a deck. Who doesn’t adore a visual of herding cats or getting your ducks in a row? See? A little laughter can breathe new life into even the most cringe business cliches.


PepperPicks | Daddies NYC

Looking for a cozy Italian spot to ease your way into the holiday hustle? Try Daddies on Hudson Street. You won’t be disappointed! Oh, and don’t miss White Truffle Madness – on until the end of December.