Wit + Wisdom | Feb. 23

Leadership 🤝Laughter

Leadership? With laughter involved? We’re in. Leadership without losing our soul? Double in. Check out this recent podcast episode from Let’s Grow Leaders featuring our CEO, Steve Cody, and Chief Comedy Officer Clayton Fletcher. Together, the duo discuss how laughter can help build stronger connections, foster creativity and create a more positive work environment. It’s a great listen for anyone looking to bring more joy and levity to their leadership style. Plus, the more views it gets, the happier our boss will be, which in turn, helps us 😁 like really really really helps us. 😁


Cingular’s revenge

AT&T, we feel so bad for U. These Gen Z kiddies are ruthless, and you’ve really done it this time by taking away their socials for hours. When the telecom company experienced major outages Thursday morning, social media went awffff. Check out some of the hilarious reactions that people shared to help get through this horrible experience.  Honestly, what a great time to be a Boomer who still has a landline.


Does anyone really like soda this much?

Ah, if it isn’t another brand deal for Shaq that makes quite literally no sense. Lucky for all of us, the seven-foot soda guru (?) has teamed up with Pepsi to provide a chance to win a size 22 pair of sneakers that can conveniently hold a mini can of pop so your drink is never more than a leg’s reach away. That’s right, you could soon be walking around in shoes the size of a Kia! Yay! Sadly, the days when companies gave out prizes we actually wanted (like millions of dollars or a 14-day getaway to the south of France) are ovah. Is a lobotomy too much to ask for? Guess we’ll never know.


PepperPick (our way of sharing the places we’ve been and loved)

It’s pizza Friyay in the Wit+Wisdom house, and we’re dreaming of a cheesy slice. Although New England pizza is lit, we truly would rather be in Italy taking down a pie or pasta dish from Osteria Boungustai in Florence.