Wit + Wisdom | Jan. 12

In this race for the Stanley cup, there’s only one winner

Here on the 83rd floor of Wit+Wisdom Tower, we do have our cup squad. We give them shelf space with recessed LED lighting to show off their dozens of Stanleys, Hydroflasks, Owala and whatever other receptacles are trending. (Yes, HR has tried explaining to them that the whole point of buying a reusable container is to cut down on waste and not create more of it. It’s a work in progress. Le sigh.) With the Stanley cup craze showing no signs of slowing (until the next craze comes along), we’ve resorted to just leaning into it and enjoying the parody vids on our socials. Here’s one of our faves. If you stan Stanley cups and/or Depeche Mode, this vid should hit with you. Sip on, queens!


To put it briefly, we need more underwear content like this

Speaking of parodies, jumping on the bandwagon of another trending brand is a fab way to boost your own brand. But it needs to be done in just the right way. You want to pay homage to Brand A, while having a laugh – but not at the expense of Brand A. For example, if we worked with the National Hockey League, we would have already slapped a handle and straw on the Stanley Cup and launched a tour of Target stores across North America. But we digress. Today we have to give props to luggage brand Away for threading the needle of brand parodies. Check out how they slid into the DMs of iconic underwear brand Calvin Klein and quickly created an internet sensation.

Hungry for more of the best (and worst) examples of humor in branding? Coming at you hot is our list of the winners and losers from 2023 direct from our very own Laughing Matters Council.


Mo Money, Mo Laughs, Less Problems

We do adore our financial advisor friends. Seems like just yesterday we were gathered around the holiday dinner table with our family and our advisor, talking about grandpa’s grantor retained annuity trust. Okay, okay we get it. Money is a serious issue. But, yo, financial advisors, you definitely don’t have to be serious all the time. We bet your clients would love a little bit of levity now and then. Peppercomm’s very own Paul Merchan, who’s been working with financial advisors on their communications strategies since the Dow was at 11,000, just published this piece with six tips financial advisors can use to get their clients smiling all the way to their safe deposit box.



If you’re stuck inside by one of the umpteen blizzards hitting North America this week, how about making a plan to get some sun and fun in Mexico City? Average January temp: 70F. While there, be sure to hit up Blanco Colima, where chef Gerard Bellver serves up winners like goat taquitos and blue shrimp grilled zarandeabo style, a cooking method dating back 500 years.

Photo credit: Away