Wit + Wisdom | MDW Edition

Humor + Activism = BFFL 

Ya might think LOLing at the ‘White Revolution’ is a big no no. Turns out, it’s not. We have so much to thank the Native American culture for, and their use of humor to combat cultural invisibility and structural oppression is one of the many. Check out this Yes! article on the positives of laughing about social justice to get your point across. Seriously. Real estate problem? SIMPLY GOLDEN.

What has four paws, a tail, and is judgey AF? 

Isn’t it so great when your Bernedoodle Labrador Retriever Frenchie Chihuahua mix (hehe) that cost you your first + last month’s rent lets out the biggest sigh ever? Like seriously, what pains you my little moocher? Not enough treatos or new toys this week? Ah, you wanted to go to daycare four times, not just three? Worst millennial mom EVER. 

We’re ROFL at these toxic emotional support animal memes by the talented Jade Orlando. We know our furry friends give the best side-eye we’ve ever seen (well, actually, Ariana Madix’s glares to Tom Sandoval during the Vanderpump Rules reunion are a close contender #IYKYK), but Orlando brings out our biggest fears. Truth is, your dog thinks you’re a fu****ing weirdo.

This study says you should laugh in the face of anger 

Ok, maybe not directly. But we’ve all had those days, you know, the ones that kids these days call a ‘full blown menty b’ are inevitable. How can we get past these times? According to George Mason University expert Mandy O’Neill, laughing could be the fix, and maybe become besties because of it. Anywho, we’re looking forward to giving this a try the next time our day goes to 💩 to release this pent up energy out in a safe, healthy, productive way. ❤️ It’s what Mandy would want, right?  #woosah