Wit + Wisdom: May 19, 2023

Frankly, we’re outraged 😂

They keep taking things away from us. First, Klondike came for our Choco Tacos. Then Netflix came for Lockwood & Co. And now Oscar Mayer has dropped the hammer. They’ve come for our beloved Weinermobile 🌭.  Someone, somewhere on the top floor of the Oscar Mayer Tower decided that our adorbs hot dog on wheels should now be christened the Frankmobile, tossing 87 years of joy into the dustbin. Just try saying “Weinermobile” without a smile. We’ll wait.

What’s funnier than the efficient market hypothesis?

We admit it. We’re finance nerds. We love nothing better than to kick back on the weekend with a couple of mango Agua Fuertes and debate neoclassical vs. Keynesian economic theories. That’s why we can’t stop loling at the latest vibe out of South Africa. That country’s currency, the rand, recently fell to its low point against the dollar. Did South Africans respond with yet another conspiracy theory about Soros, Nick Cage and the Illuminati controlling the world’s money supply? Nope. They clapped back with the hilarious #StrongerThanTheRand. Another proof point that if you try hard enough, you can find the humor in almost any situation.

Alexa, teach my boyfriend how to load the dishwasher right 🪄

AI, please don’t take our jobs. At least not yet. We just bought a new set of WFH PJs, and we still have sooo many sick days to use up. TBH Talib Babb at the New Yorker stole our idea. We’d much rather AI take on the chores none of us want to do: cleaning the cat box (we do love our fur baby, but c’mon?) or finding the lost remote (again!). Props to Talib for killing it with the No. 1 rule of humor: Hit the audience with something they can truly relate to.