Wit + Wisdom | July 28

AI headshot overload, #barbenheimer and our personal fave, #girldinner in this week’s issue. Happy Friday!

I’m a 10 on LinkedIn…

Long live the days of photo editing apps and very clear “updates” to Instagram posts (yes, we did in fact notice the telephone pole that was absurdly bent after you made yourself #skinny using Facetune). Flawless imagery now has a new, more corporate victim. The newest trend comes from app Remini, where users can have AI-generated headshots created for them. NGL, we look totally fab in them. But if you compare it to our previous headshot (our senior year sorority composite pic), you might be a lil’ skeptical. At least we’ll be able to see right through the Remini-culprits as the app recycles the same few outfits for each person. Next time you look up your old boss, and they’re in the same blue button up as 50 of your other connections with absurdly glowing skin…and their receding hairline has disappeared, you’ll know what’s up. 

Come on Barbie, let’s go (spend millions on a marketing) party 

Do we truly even know what the Barbie movie is about? Not quite. But, we will say that the marketing campaigns backing the cinema release slayed the game enough to make us pay a lovely $18.24/pp to see it. From Beis suitcases to farfalle pasta, brands went overboard on creating products that repped the most famous blonde to exist (besides Marilyn, ofc.) We love the enthusiasm, but we might love the #Barbenheimer memes even more. 

Let’s hear it for the girls

Females are soooooo unmatched. While boyfriends, hubbies, sons, fathers and the male besties who are stuck in the friendzone chow down on full-blown entrées for din din, the gals are being exposed on TikTok for what appears to be a universal female trait: girl dinners. Are we surprised that women prefer a variation of pickles, cheese slices, Ritz crackers and a few Sour Patch Kids versus a balanced meal as their last fare of the day? NOPE. After all, only the girlies can survive on absolutely no water and down two XL iced vanilla lattes — before their “mysterious” daily headache kicks in, leaving us perplexed as to why???. Thankfully, everyone’s favorite fast food chain (:/), Popeyes, has added a”‘girl dinner” (containing all sides!) to their menu to capitalize on every female’s longing for variety with low nutritional value. So trendy of you, chicken peeps.