Wit + Wisdom | June 30

It’s the ignorance for us…

We usually stan an influencer brand trip (#trippinwithtarte throwback), but Shein totally gave us the ick for their recent ‘innovation center’ visit with some social media gurus

The online shopping company somehow thought it was a good idea to host influencers and provide a tour at a ‘model factory’ in China. What happened next, you ask? The influencers shared GLOWING reviews. Everyone knows Shein produces and sells clothes for almost nothing compared to competitors, and it’s super clear to the whole world on how they do so. 

Shein, next time you try to give a #BTS look, make sure it’s accurate. But, we’re all aware of why you didn’t do so. Forced labor will never be cute. 

Humor is major 🔑

What PR firm has the funniest CEO in the world (Hi S.Cody), was named after the cutest black lab, and recently released a super interesting study on using humor within business? PEPPERCOMM, ofc. 😊Huge shoutout to our fabulous Laughing Matters Council member, Liz Joynt Sandberg of the Comedy Arts Program at DePaul University, for collabing with us to create this informational white paper. So, what does it say? 

Business leaders today face greater workplace challenges than ever before, balancing the disparate needs of multiple generations in the workforce while engaging in a cultural power war that often that pits them against employees. Sounds like fun, right? Thankfully, the super smart and witty peeps behind this piece of art were able to identify clear gaps and how some LOLing might just be the helping hand corporate America needs.

Nothing says FriYAY like a song about…slurpees? 

You can write a tune about pretty much anything these days, just take it from 7-Eleven. As the org gets ready for its fave day of the year in less than two weeks, they decided it was finally time to release a jam all about their famous frozen beverage. How did they know consumers were longingly awaiting this one?

Sung by rapper Flo Milli, the track may have left us in a permanent brain freeze wondering WTF we just listened to, but hey, the convenience store’s marketing team totally got us on that clickbait.

Photo courtesy of 7-Eleven.