Wit + Wisdom | Mar. 22

Short King Spring is here

Nothing keeps us on our toes more than Dunkin’s social media team. They continue to kill it when it comes to both wit and wisdom. To celebrate the arrival of the new season, Dunks launched their witty take on the trend highlighting miniscule males by calling their small iced coffees “short kings” for the rest of spring. Genius? Yes. Will boomers be confused? Also, yes. It’s another lesson in how to help people lurv your brand. Find a trend on socials and slyly lean into it. And keep in mind when your staff is scrolling Insta for hours each day, it’s called research.


Friday Fun (at work)

Tbh, it’s tough on a sunny Friday to keep tippy-tapping away on our computers; but alas, bills gotta get paid and peeps need us to keep their brands in check. Thankfully, we have the perfect pick me up to help get us across the finish line while loling, ofc! We know, we know. You might be tired of hearing it from us, but how about from Entrepreneur? The pub recently shared this rockin’ article on how some gigglin’ together can help boost your team’s performance. Note: being able to make fun of your CEO is a game changer. We highly recommend it.


Should we run for mayor?

Being a strong business is a slay, but being a strong business that makes an impact in its community is a BIG slay. Our wonderful chief client officer, Maggie O’Neill, shared her thoughts in this recent Fast Company Executive Board piece on the importance of building strong relationships with local organizations, supporting local initiatives, and engaging with the community through events and outreach programs. Plus, brands will ultimately be enhancing their reputation. It’s truly a win-win! Now go out and buy a sh** ton of Girl Scout cookies from your local troop with the company Amex. Your boss can’t be THAT mad when Thin Mints are involved.



Happy March Madness, y’all! If you can’t make it to Brooklyn to watch the top-seeded UConn men’s team in the tourney, head to Storrs, Conn., to watch the Huskies rock round 1. And if you stan some brisket + brews to go with your bracket, head on over to Willimantic Brewing Co. where their beer list is so bright you’ve got to wear shades.