Wit + Wisdom | Oct. 27

It’s time to get spooky

With just four days left until Halloween 2023, we’re celebrating by bringing back some of the best horror marketing campaigns from recent years. From The Ring to The Blair Witch Project, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane to revisit how these flicks generated interest from consumers in some creepy yet creative ways. TBH, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t living for the M3GAN x Chucky Twitter (X?????) beef, tho. 


Doggone it, Gen Z! 

Mmmmmmmmkay kiddies, we may have taken it too far! Starbucks is yet again the talk of the town between the youngsters, but this time, they aren’t chatting about their venti iced pumpkin spiced lattes with five pumps of white mocha, caramel drizzle and extra cold foam (is there even coffee in those things????????) Thanks to TikToker @hankyspankyyyyy, the famous pup cup (Starbucks whipped cream for doggos) is now apparently for humans, too. When life got a bit ~stressful~ for Hank at the ripe age of 26, he decided he deserved somethin’ sweet and waltzed right over to his local Starbies and ordered the treat, noting that it was totally for his imaginary dog. Naturally, he then had to put the experience on the internet, and followers weighed in. We’re giving this one paw up and minus one tail wag because it is low key honestly just super weird. 🙂 


When in doubt, laugh it out

If we have learned anything from social media, it is that we  have never had a truly unique experience in our entire lives and that humor can connect us in ways we never thought possible! Disagree? Welp, comedian Corey O’Brien is here to prove ya wrong. Brought up within a conservative Pennsylvania household, O’Brien is using the power of LOL to chat through what it was like growing up within that environment as a young gay man who also suffered from addiction. Let that authenticity shine, Corey! We stan. 👏👏👏