Wit + Wisdom | Oct. 3

On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was

It’s the moment the girlies waited for all year. When the clock strikes 12:00 every October 3rd, it is officially “Mean Girls Day.” The classic 2004 teen comedy is famous for the crucial moment where cutie character Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) blissfully asks Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), “What day is it?” 

In a brilliant marketing move, this year Bennett is teaming up with matchmaking app Tinder to combat phishing in the online dating scene. Dubbed a classic pickup line now, the romance community wanted to make sure users stayed safe this October 3rd, now also known as ‘World Romance Scam Prevention Day’ and strayed away from common swindles when swiping left and right. Honestly, we were living for this public awareness campaign – it was soooooooo fetch. Bennett, you can totally sit with us. 🫶

Authenticity is key 🔑

Content creation is tough. But, as we counsel clients on social strategy, one major piece of advice is to always make sure authenticity is paramount. 

TikTok star Christal Luster might be one of the best examples yet. Luster has seen TONS of success by being raw and real online, something that, unfortunately, is becoming less and less popular these days. When she began her content journey, Christal realized her views skyrocketed when she let her effortless, IDGAF energy and humor shine through. We’re not sure we have ever LOLd harder than after watching her reaction to Lil Wayne running out with the Packers.

Friday FOMO, anyone? 

Usually we’re not big fans of FOMO. As PR folks, it’s in our nature to try to know/participate in absolutely everything we can. (So that means, yes, we have a company pickleball team. The…wait for it…Pickled Peppers!) We’re people peeps — although some might just call us nosey! But when the fear of missing out is teed up with a side of humor, we’re totally here for it! 

Shoutouts to San Francisco creative agency, Here Be Dragons, for slaying the day with their creative ad campaign to promote comedy club chain The Improv. Harnessing FOMO to encourage people to get off the couch and head out and about proved successful here. Hey, @TheImprov, got any spots open for a certain CEO who is reaaaaallllllllly funny?