Keep calm and Dad on

Lady ballers for the win

In the world of sports, the ladies are leaping to new heights — and Caitlin Clark might just be the superhero in this saga. But hold your capes, because Gray Wolf’s sleuthing suggests it’s not just a solo show. The media spotlight on women’s sports has tripled faster than you can say “three-pointer,” with every week smashing viewership records like it’s going out of style. In fact, the WNBA accounted for half of all media mentions about pro hoops in the season’s opening weeks, despite the NBA sprinting toward the playoffs! And when it comes to the ‘Gram, these ladies are not just playin’. They’re owning it with an audience that’s a whopping 27% larger than their NBA counterparts. So if you’re an influencer or a brand looking to join the feel-good vibes of this happy surge, now’s the time!

Keep calm and Dad on

Father’s Day: When dad jokes get a free pass and every dad is the king of the grill, even if it’s just for a day. It’s the time when we appreciate the man who taught us everything from riding a bike to fixing a leaky faucet, often with a mix of patience and a sprinkle of frustration. He’s also famous for his favorite phrase, “Go ask your mother.” Shoutouts to these daddy-o-focused campaigns that are getting us in the spirit ahead of a weekend spent celebrating our fave dudes. We’d be lying if we said “Take Me Fishing” didn’t make us bawl like a lil’ baby.

P.S. To honor one of our very own Peppercomm papas (who also happens to be our boss), be sure to check out Audible’s Sitewide Sale, where you can purchase Steve Cody’s fab new tome, The ROI of LOL audiobook, for 55% off! In true dad-mentor fashion, he’ll teach you all about using wit + wisdom to crush your goals.

Giggling our way to Friday

Who says work can’t be a barrel of laughs? Chris Congdon and Rebecca Charbauski from the podcast Work Better are here to tickle your funny bone with the notion that humor and business go together like spreadsheets and pivot tables. With insights from Naomi Bagdonas and Jennifer Aaker, who not only talk the talk with their TED Talk and book Humor, Seriously, but also walk the walk by teaching a class at Stanford, they’re turning frowns upside down in the corporate world.

Headed to New England this summer? Be a bit shell-fish and stop by The Clam Shack for a meal you won’t forget.

Photo Credit: Dr. Squatch/Nick Cannon, a father of 12, stars in Dr. Squatch’s Father’s Day ad campaign