Wit+Wisdom | Apr. 5

The Metro is literally boomin’

As we were on the hunt for some more witty content to share with y’all today, a literal earthquake happened. We’re fr shook RN. Not only because of the natural happening, but also because X (Twitter?) finally feels like the old Twitter again. Users went crazy with memes/hilarious messages and it feels nostalgic. Even some of the brands we love jumped in. Our fave might be this note from the Empire State Building, tho. Glad you’re ok, buddy.

Take this with a grain of salt

We’d be truly wackadoodle if we didn’t bring up April Fool’s Day in this issue of Wit + Wisdom. One of our fave things to do is analyze where brands completely nailed it or really missed the mark on their 4/1 campaigns. Who knows humor better than us? NO ONE, of course.  Read up on some of the coolest and cringiest food jokes we saw this year. 🚨TRIGGER WARNING 🚨The 7-Eleven hot dog sparkling water is pure nightmare fuel.

What the pup?

Speaking of April Fool’s, peeps may think our love for dogs was weird before, but this week we got even more obsessed as we proudly appointed two pupperinos as our co-CEO and SVPuppy. From treat sniffin’ to being (almost) potty trained, these two are ready to tackle corporate America. Picking from a pool of well-qualified canine-didates was tough, especially as we spent an absurd amount of time on something that was fully a (literal) joke.