Wit+Wisdom | August 25

It’s fall, y’all

At Peppercomm, we teach the “Yes, and…” method for brainstorming – adding on to ideas until they snap, crackle and pop, instead of saying, “Yes, but…that will never work.” Which brings us to perhaps the greatest “Yes, and…” drink ever invented. The end of August = autumn. You can try to change our minds, but good luck attempting to combat the Starbucks girlies who absolutely lost their sh** this week when PSLs came back. Oof, you don’t know what PSL means? Don’t admit that too loudly, or you’ll have Uggs and Lululemon fanny packs being chucked at you. Does this make you even more curious about the seemingly unhealthy hype surrounding the brand’s famous pumpkin spice latte, which returned to stores just yesterday? Food & Wine is here to save the day for you peeps with the story of how Starbucks brought the “Yes, and…” love to create this Fall icon. 

Dear boss: Can you pay me more because I’m funny? 

Let’s face it. Asking for a raise or negotiating a salary is so uncomf. We get it. But if staying up ‘til midnight to fix your boss’s PowerPoint (again) can’t get you more moolah, perhaps some LOLing can. A recent study by the smart folks at Harvard Law found that cracking some jokes during these awk times can actually pay off, literally, by breaking the ice and making the situation a bit more relatable. A big takeaway, tho: know yourself. Don’t wing it, make sure your humor is well timed, not offensive, and, most important, not directed at the dudette/dude who is gunna be signing off on your checks. 

Chicken vs. Egg vs. Kids (?)

Speaking of humor that isn’t well timed…and borderline offensive: April 2020 energy is back in action this week as people have become so engulfed in social media trends that they are legit cracking eggs on top of their children’s heads for views. Yes, you read that correctly. Parents are actually taking time out of their days to record the reactions of their poor kiddos when they perform this very odd act. Aren’t we supposed to avoid making our youngsters cry? Sure, some of the videos involve both parent & child giggling, but what about the ones where the kid is obv uncomfy and freaked out? IDK society, we’ve possibly taken it a bit too far this time, but anything for the views, right? :/