Wit+Wisdom | Feb. 16

Where is Samuel L. when we need him most?

Our fave movie of all time has to be 2006’s “Snakes on a Plane” (sorry Barbenheimer). So we threw a little celly here at Pepprcomm when we heard about a real snake on a plane on a flight from Bangkok to Phuket in Thailand. Even better was the response from carrier AirAsia Thailand. Hey, we love ya AirAsia PR peeps. But even you have to admit your statement was (unintentionally?) witty. You called it a “very rare incident.” Did you forget there was a snake on another one of your flights two years ago? You also said it was a “small snake” – okay, true, but does size matter? It was still a. snake. on. a. plane! And then you reminded everyone that your crew “were well trained to handle an occurrence of this nature.” AirAsia, you actually train your people to handle snakes? Now that is fierce!


But I can’t be funny (pssst…yes you can)

When we talk to clients about humor, invariably someone will say, “I just can’t be funny.” Poppycock, we say. You don’t have to be funny. There are strategies anyone can learn to use wit and wisdom to connect with audiences. Check out this incredibly simple take from Timex that we guarantee will make you smile. As Timex obviously knows, sometimes being witty just takes finding something that annoys your audience (for us, it’s scheduling daily “scrums” and “socializing” the draft of a press release) and give it a twist. It’s not that hard, people! Give it a try…or email us for help. 😉


We really just watch it for the ads

We spend waaay too much time planning our ultimate bday party in our heads. (You don’t?) Our big day would include a duet from Usher and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the yacht from “Below Deck.” So you can imagine how psyched we were to see both Usher and Arnie featured in Super Bowl ads. But…did their attempts at lol slay or fall flat during the big game? We have the answer! Peppercomm’s Laughing Matters Council members just weighed in on the best use of humor in Super Bowl commercials (and some failures) in MediaPost. Sure, you’ll have to register (for free) to read it, but it’s totally worth it!