Wit+Wisdom | Mar. 1

Has anybody seen my Blockbuster card???

If you’re stumped trying to come up with a witty campaign that just hits different, here’s a hint: nostalgia, people! Nothing gives us the warm fuzzies like reminiscing about the glory days. So, slay Yale School of Public Health! They just dropped the word “cervix” in the same sentence as “Walkman” on their socials! It’s all about reminding folks of a certain age that it’s time to get screened for cancer. Rocking with humor *and* saving lives. Yasss Bulldogs!

The memes are terrible, we hope they last.

Our take on the Willy Wonka Experience memes taking over the interwebs, inspired by the man himself. For a basically unknown (and Warner Brothers unsanctioned) event in Glasgow to inspire hilarity and outrage of this level is simply, well, hilarious. From the Oompa Loompa seen round the world to the AI-generated Unknown, the ill-fated event has taken over meme culture. It’s giving Tunnel of Terror vibes. Enjoy 🍫

The doctor (of comedy) is definitely IN

If you haven’t heard the name Abhishek Kulkarni yet, just you wait. You will! Abhishek is not only a brainiac PhD student at the University of Virginia’s Darden School (go Cavs!), but he’s also a hilarious standup comic. He created and taught a class in comedy as an undergrad, then brought his comedic stylings to Charlottesville. We ❤️ Abishek because he gets why comedy is so important to connecting with people both in the nightclub and the classroom. He grew up as a shy kid. But, he says, “after going through the first six months of stand-up, I started to feel a little bit of immunity to embarrassment. I had bombed enough that I felt like I could handle it. And, then in class, if I got the answer wrong, I started to become OK with that, too.” We see you, Abishek!

PepperPick of the Week

Fake spring is officially upon us, peeps, and ya know what that means – day drinking! Get in the March-spirit at Boston-based Bowery Bar. Though it still might be a bit too chilly for full outdoors boozin’, you can get halfway there by renting one of their private, heated yurts! Pitch, can’t kill our vibe!

Photo Credits: Willyschocolateexperience; SWNS